2016 IBO Nationals Wrap UP

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2016 IBO Nationals have come and gone - the 2 days split between Franklin County Archery Club on Saturday the 19th November and Whitford Forrest Archers on Sunday the 20th November.

Both clubs members had done a lot of work to make the courses different and the challenge of the independent peg setters made for a very interesting weekend.

The 70 archers started Saturday with overcast and slightly windy but lunch time the cloud had come in, the rain was starting to be more consistent and the wind just breezy enough to make shooting interesting to say the least.  With the weather setting in the lighting was becoming very difficult.  Everyone had a great day and then were heading off for the evening and getting rested for the day at Whitford on Sunday.

Sunday morning came around and the skies cleared but the wind did not abate - so the challenge still existing and even with the wind it was a very warm sunny day.

Full set of results is attached for your perusal.

Some excellent scores were shoot over the weekend and the Tournament Champion for 2016 is Joseph Zwaans retaining his title.

This year the series was run in conjunction with the Nationals and an overview is in the next newsletter.

Until next year take care and be safe during the festive season.