2016 - IBO Series Newsletter - Please read

The 2016 Series of the IBO has been cancelled for this year oly but NOT the Nationals.

Due to circumstances beyond our control many of the Clubs who have been supporting the IBO Series and facing challenges with forestry tree removal which effects our schedule for our events and reluctanly we have  had to cancel this year's Series but NOT the Nationals

‚ÄčAlso with the IFAA World Field Archery Event being held in WaggaWagga, Australia and a lot of our regular shooters are training for this event - all the rounds  being marked rounds - so the unmarked rounds do not work with the training programs as we need to shoot 4 arrows at each target for 28 targets.

Regrettably we have decided only to host an IBO Nationals in November once everyone is ready to shoot some unmarked animal rounds agai.

More information later in the year.

We look forward to seeing all our regulars at the Nationals for a fun weekend - we will all be ready for one arrow rounds.

So until we meet at the next archery round - take care - shoot straight

Trevor & Cheryl