2015 IBO Series - Round 2

Round 2 has now gone with 73 archers attending and the weather doing the "Franklin" threat of is it or isn't going to rain.  A couple of showers but a very biting wind which came from each direction depending on which part of the course you were on.

Franklin Club worked hard to create a challenging course and to also keep the round archer friendly with the walking and positioning of pegs.

The morning round saw Joseph Zwaans bring in a very good score of 203 from a possible 220 - with a Ben Orchard in the Juniors with a 186 and Luke Dickson in the cub division with a 191.  The club then moved some of the pegs and changed the challenge for the afternoon round several archers bringing in scores in the 390's and up.

Top score for the tournament was Joseph Zwaans with 591 followed by Trevor with a 580.  A lot of the scores in the various divisions were close.

The lunchtime Vension rolls went down well and many thanks to the Franklin County club members and committee members for all their work on both the courses and the great food that was provided.

As we now do only pre-registration we saw the day completed by 3.30pm including the prize giving allowing all our archers to head homewards at a very respectable time - proving this is the best way to run a tournament.  Thank you all for abiding by the rules.

Next round is at Whitford on the 12th July. Information packs will be sent out shortly.

A full set of results is attached above which incorporates round 1 and round 2 showing the total points for the series so far.

Take care until we meet at the next round.

Shoot straight

Trevor & Cheryl