2015 IBO Series Round 1

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Dargaville Archery Club - Round 1

This year the IBO round at Dargaville did not require a boat, waders or even an umbrella, with only a couple of very small dustings of rain the rest of the day was sunny with slight breeze.  Some say perfect shooting conditions.

Dargaville Archery Club certainly has set the benchmark for the courses as all the scores from each division were relatively close - this shows that the course was not soft at any peg even if some targets were challenging to see - black bears in dark holes. Stephen Clifton top scoring the seniors with 560, the Juniors Ben Orchard with 580 and the Cubs Luke Dickson 580. 

Well done to all the winners and placegetters and for all those that attended. The day was enjoyed by everyone who attended or came in support.

Thanks to the Dargaville Archery Club's ladies in the kitchen who always do us proud, and to the few club members who did the work to make for an excellent course.

A full set of results is attached to this newsletter and points have been allocated for the first round.

Next round is at Franklin Archery Club on the 14th June 2015.

Franklin Archery Club committee has advised that there will be NO PARKING up by the clubhouse - all parking will be as you drive into the club grounds - walk up the driveway.  There are no exceptions as the Club needs all the grounds - please accommodate their request.

Registrations will be taken up to the Thursday - allowed another day - please remember when you pay online to let me know what division you are shooting by email (info@arrowheadarchery.co.nz) or phone Trevor or Gene and let them know.  We would prefer that you scan the entry form through but if you can't it is important that we know the above information.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

Entry forms and flyer for the series is also here under Newsletters "2015 IBO Series Information Pack"

See you all at Franklin.

Shoot Straight

Trevor & Cheryl