2014 New Zealand IBO Nationals

The 2014 New Zealand IBO Nationals were again hosted at the Kerikeri Archery Club, Northland on the 18th and 19th October.  A big thank from us, as organisors, for their effort from all the club members young and old.

73 archers participated at what was to be challenging courses with the added feature of not so pleasant weather.

Saturday was nothing but constant rain and wind making the day challenging without having to shoot an arrow.  The Kerikeri Club members had worked hard to provide challenging courses and the weather just added a factor that was not required.  All archers completed both rounds and by the end of Saturday the competition bantering and stories were running well.

After round 2 on Saturday was the Manufacturers Grudge match, which although takes some time to shoot and complete, saw 8 teams compete for the  Manufacturers Trophy which we donated some years ago and has seen several different bow brand winners over that time..  As you can see from the Results sheet it was a tight competion with the top team, Team New Breed 1st with 136 points, Young Guns Pearson scoring 134 with a miss, and 3rd Place, another New Breed team with 133 and fourth place Team Pearson 132.

The Club provided a great range of food for the day with Kelvin from Kerikeri Club providing freshly caught fish - freshly smoked - a real treat.  The Saturday night dinner was a feast of roast meats and vegetables cooked by the Kerikeri members and Ben Bergman was good enough to bring up firewood to site with a country style open fire pit to keep us all warm.   The Committee support team providing home made curry, sausages, bacon & egg muffins and one very clever member, Helen, doing camp cooker scones and donut type goodies.  Thank you all for keeping us feed and watered.

Sunday's weather proved to be a little better with virtually no rain but the overnight rain had made for slippy parts of the course and the Kerikeri Club members deserve a pat on the back for going out and moving targets, cutting steps and generally making sure that the course was walkable and as safe as possible under the conditions.

A big thank you must go to Graham Coutts and Penny Baggott who were the offical peg setters and course captians - they did a great job of making the peg placement worthy of any National Tournament and we thank all those many archers who have sent emails of thanks and support for our event.

The end of the day was Champion of Champions shoot out - this taken from the winners of each division and this year Tyrell Rapana, Cub, shoot a perfect dead centre 11 to take the title home.

From the results also, a Tournament Champion is found - the highest senior score, and this year goes to Daley Jones, Male Bowhunter Release division with a score 758.

If you read through the results it is plain to see that the youth and cubs coming through the ranks at present are setting very high standards with scores in the 170's - 190's upwards and Justin Bergman shooting a 200 on the last round of the tournament.  Keep it up and look out seniors - here they come.

Until next we meet keep safe and we look forward to the next season.

Trevor & Cheryl.