2014 - Round 3 - Mt Tiger Archery club

Round 3 at Mt Tiger was to prove to be one of those days out of the bag - sun shining, no wind and a challenging course.  Mt Tiger having worked on their Morepork Course for something a little different.  The day saw 82 archers set to meet their challenge and as the scores shows some very good results came in after round 1.

Daley Jones and Joseph Zwaans top scoring the day with 602 points each with Gene Gray at their heels with a score of 600.  There is plenty of hot competition through all the divisions so Round 4 and final it will be all on.

One of our most travelled supporters, Dave Rix, must be feeling as those the odds are against him having missed the Dargaville Round due to very wet conditions and Mt Tiger round was met with snow south of the Desert Road - where he sat and waited for over 3 hours before turning around and going home - you were missed by all of us especially your group of die hard longbowers.  He assures me he will be at the final no matter what - look forward to seeing you.

A full set of results is also attached to this newsletter.


Beachlands-Marareti Road, Whitford 

September 14th

Check in time is 8.30am for shooting at 9am so don't be late.

Remember no registrations on the day and all entries to be in by Wednesday the 10th September.  If you have any queries please phone Trevor, Gene or Cheryl for clarification and information.

As this will be a long day with the presentation for the day's round winners and runner up there is also the Series winner awards to be done - so we will be starting on time and will not be able to wait for late arrivals. 

Also at this event the top 5 juniors names will be placed in a draw for an extreme goat hunt with Brian and Gary Snooks from Dargaville. The winner must be present at the final round to be in the draw.

So lots to happen so get your registrations in and we will see you all on the 14th September.

Until then - shoot straight

Trevor & Cheryl