2014 - IBO Round 2 - Dargaville

The rain stopped, the wind went away and clear blue skies prevailed.  Who would have thought after the worst rain in Northland for ages.  Getting to Dargaville Archery Club from the North proved to be the first challenge of the day and many thanks to all of you from the North who made it.  My thanks goes to the Downer Crew who offer to transport me across the flooded area so that Bob Morris could rescue me - but Bob was able to cross the flooded area in his trusty 4x4 .  Those coming from the South had the challenge of "pot hole dodging" - all in all 68 shooters made it to the event.

Dargaville Archery Club certainly set a course that challenged the archers at all levels, as the morning score shows.  But the day could not be beaten it was perfect shooting conditions even if the feet were wet.

Lunch was Dargaville's well known home-made precooked sausages, steak sandwiches and array of home cooking that would leave most cafe envious.  Many thanks to the cooks.

The afternoon round had the same conditions as the morning and Liegh had snuck around and altered the pegs - to add to the challenge.

All scorecards were in quickly we facilitated the prize giving - a reminder that if you hand in your cards and they have 2 different totals the lower total will be the one used.  The responsiblity of correct scorecards lays with the archer not the Registrar for the day.

The day ran very well with everyone enjoying the day and we are set off for home around 4.30pm.

Round 3 will be at Mt Tiger Archery Club in Whangarei on the 10th August - 8.30 check in for 9am start.  Please note pre-registration is required NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY - and preregistration means entry form and entry fee - no entry fee - your entry will not be accepted.

For those who wonder what happens if you do enter and do not show on the day - your entry fee is still paid to the host club - all the work has been done - courses set to accommodate the number of shooters, catering organised to make sure everyone is caterd for - score cards done - groups done - so the work has been done.  As Dargaville was an exceptional circumstance, this time only, if you paid and did not show, your entry fee can be transferred to the Mt Tiger Round.