IBO Final 2013

IBO Final 2013 - Twin Coast Archery Club

The week preceeding the event was one out of the bag but to test our various skills the weather decided to rain all day Saturday to give us the drizzle, several downpours and the wind for Sunday.

This made the day interesting for some with the slip, sliding effect that was to be call for the day under foot.  We must admire our Future Bowhunters who some nearly disappeared in some of the wet spots and several had the mud and slush go to the top of the gumboots but they stuck it out and finished the day - well done to you all.


A revised set of results is attached - thank you Kelly for sorting this - happy to make corrections when I make a mistake and apologise to those concerned.

The Day's photos are on facebook.


IBO Nationals is next 19-20th October at Kerikeri - full details out by the end of the month and the pre-registration will be required by the end of September to allow everything to be in place correctly.

Until then - shoot straight and enjoy our sport.


PDF of event results: