About Arrowhead Archery

Arrowhead Archery is a business run by international archers Trevor and Cheryl Irvine, with the aim of making archery accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Trevor and Cheryl are both World Champion archers.

Trevor is one of New Zealand's top professional archers, Pro staff Shooter for Pearson Archery- New Zealand's only IFAA International Master Coach, USA Archery Coach Level 3 and NZFAA Level 5 Coach and National Coach.

Offering you the benefit of more than thirty plus years experience in archery sport, equipment, coaching, and administration

Trevor Irvine, Director of Arrowhead Archery, is a well known and respected archer, nationally and internationally, having being involved in all aspects of archery. He has acquired a range of skills in competition, coaching, and equipment support, and has served in national administration of the New Zealand Field Archery Association as President for 20 plus years

He was one of the first archers to represent New Zealand in international competition. He holds many titles in field archery and bow-hunter disciplines and represented NZ at the 2010 Fita World Champions in Ulsan, Korea.Games. Trevor has been many times  New Zealand Field Archery Association National Champion in the Field and Bowhunter sections in his shooting style, and also many times  National Champion in the IBO 3D nationals.

Cheryl Irvine, Trevor’s wife, has also held national and international titles and been a member of the NZFAA executive for 14 years holding many different positions over that time.

Relating to a wide range of people including men, women, children, paraplegics, and many World Champions

Trevor has been responsible for archery coaching at camps like Sir Peter Blake Marine Park, and YMCA, and has trained many teachers and parents for school camps.  Trevor has coached many young archers who have achieved international recognition and several have shot World Records.

Trevor is also involved in Parafed, an organisation training paraplegic members in archery, and is now training paraplegics to coach for Auckland Parafed. He is currently helping to set up groups in various towns to enable them to have their own events.

He coaches all the disciplines from  field archery, FITA (Olympic Style) archery target archery, 3D archery, bowhunting and recreational archery.

A manufacturer-trained technician with in-depth equipment knowledge to help archers get their best performance

Trevor is a factory-trained technician to support manufacturers’ products, to ensure optimum performance of equipment. He has also been appointed a factory shooter to test archery equipment for Pearson Archery in America.   Trevor is also on the R&D team of several manufacturers in USA for the advancement of archery products.

20 plus years of archery administration experience having co-founded the NZ Field Archery Association

The NZ Field Archery Association is affiliated to the International Field Archery Association. Trevor was the president of the association for 20 plus years and is currently a National Coach for field archers.